HSN CPC develops a yearly Continuing Medical Education (CME) program that covers the paramedic scope of practice as per the ALS PCS. The goal of the CME program is to prepare paramedics to respond appropriately to a wide range of patient situations both routinely and infrequently encountered in the field.

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Emergency Health Regulatory and Accountability Branch (MOHLTC-EHRAB) has mandated that PCPs receive a minimum of 8 hours of CME and that ACPs receive a minimum of 24 hours of CME annually. To meet the needs of the service operators, the paramedics and the Regional Base Hospital Programs, these hours have been converted to credit hours. In order for Northeast Paramedics to remain in good standing and maintain certification, ACPs must accumulate 24 credit hours while PCPs must accumulate 8 credit hours. Paramedics must have the required number of credits based on their scope of practice logged within the Paramedic Portal of Ontario no later than the second Wednesday in December.

Failure to meet these requirements will result in a Paramedic review by the Medical Director or designate and may result in the temporary deactivation of the Paramedic’s certification. Paramedics who do not meet these requirements are subject to a performance review by the Medical Director or delegate and may have their certification temporarily suspended until such a time that all mandatory CME credit hours are accumulated.