Ask Mac – Questions ListCategory: Cardiac ArrestWhat to do for first time arrest on route?
asked 1 year ago
During ALS PCS v4.9 for a first time arrest while on route we would pull over and run the full 4 analysis cardiac medical arrest directive. Now with the new ALS PCS v5.1 when do we resume transport?  How many analysis?  Would it very from shockable to non shockable? If they meet any of the 5 primary clinical considerations we would resume transport after one analysis but what if they are asystole? Or V-fib and then asystole after shock? I\'m thinking for a patient in asystole we wouldn\'t stay on the side of the road for 20 minutes of CPR to call for a TOR.
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answered 1 year ago
Thank you for your question. For a witnessed arrest in the back of the ambulance, paramedics should use clinical judgment to decide whether to stay and perform resuscitation or proceed to hospital. The paramedic should perform three full analysis and then proceed/patch or to provide one analysis and go. The paramedic should provide at minimum one analysis. Factors that are part of the decision process include distance to closest hospital, probable cause of arrest, ability to provide adequate CPR/ventilation, shockable vs non-shockable etc.