Ask Mac – Questions ListCategory: Neonatal ResuscitationWhen is transport required after newborn resus?
asked 5 months ago

Just wondering what the definitive time is for transporting after a newborn resus; I know that we should leave ASAP, however how many rounds through the flowchart between the PPV and compressions would be appropriate  before transporting?  

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answered 4 months ago
Thank you for your question. Neonatal resuscitation is a terrifying event, even for the most seasoned ER physicians. As per the patient care standards ”If newborn resuscitation is required, initiate cardiac monitoring and right-hand pulse oximetry monitoring. Infants born between 20-25 weeks gestation may be stillborn or die quickly. Initiate resuscitation and transport as soon as feasible. If gestational age cannot be confirmed, initiate resuscitation and rapid transport. If newborn is less than 20 weeks gestation, resuscitation is futile. Provide the newborn with warmth and consider patching to BHP for further direction.” In short, the decision to transport a neonatal resuscitation should be as early as possible. If you have performed your three 30-second assessments/interventions-rewarming/stimulation-PPV via BVM-CPR with no change then transport immediately and continue resuscitation enroute. The child will need more aggressive measures in the hospital which cannot be done in the home.