Paramedic week 2023 announcement
Paramedic Week 2023 Announcement
CPC is very excited to announce this year’s upcoming Paramedic Week taking place from Monday, May 22nd to Friday, May 26th. This year’s theme is “Diversity in Paramedicine” and we want to see who YOU are OFF the job! Submit a photo showcasing something that you love to do while off shift, i.e. traveling, coaching or playing sports, volunteering, etc. We will be holding a daily giveaway, starting May 22nd, for all photo submissions for a chance to win a prize from #IVEGOTYOURBACK911!
Please see the poster and additional details below:
• All authorized paramedics will have their name automatically entered for a chance to win a prize,
• All photo submissions will be shared on the HSNCPC website and Facebook page. The winners of the draw will be announced on these platforms as well,
• You may submit as many photos as you like, however your name will only be entered into the draw once,
• Permission must be obtained from all those pictured in the photo prior to submission,
• Submit your photo(s) by email to Miranda Bazinet at, no later than Friday, May 19th.
We cannot wait to see your photo submissions! Remember to be creative & HAVE FUN!