Poster advertising the Capnography webinar taking place on November 30 at 1:00pm

Capnography Webinar – Nov. 30

Please see the flyer for an upcoming virtual elective CME event. Attendance will earn you 1cme credit/hr. The zoom registration link is below:

Capnography Zoom Registration Link


Capnography: Monitor, measure and Improve Part 1: Review and Respiratory


Join us while we explore a simulation-based approach to end-tidal capnography (EtCO2). Identify the ventilation status and treatment of a non-intubated patient and refresh capnography basics with various scenarios to learn how EtCO2 correlates to a patient’s respiratory status, stability and overall treatment.

Featuring: Chris Kroboth, MS, NRP, FP-C
Clinical Education Manager, iSimulate

1. Obtain a basic understanding of the ability of EtCO2 to aide in the understanding of the patient’s ventilation status
2. Obtain a basic understanding of how EtCO2 works and should be considered a key diagnostic monitoring tool